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Mikey presented at age 4 for sudden onset of paralysis of his back legs due to a herniated disc. The owners opted for an alternative to back surgery. Mikey received acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He began to develop the ability to stand on his hind legs after 2 treatments and regained full ability to walk within 8 treatments (6 weeks). 

The owners were also advised of a weight loss plan to help reduce Mikey’s weight and the strain on his back.  Two years post treatment Mikey continues to walk normally and has not had any recurrent episodes of back pain or disc herniation.  He maintains his new lean frame and leads a normal life.  He continues to receive acupuncture at 3 month intervals to maintain his health.

“Buddy Love”

Buddy Love

Buddy Love was diagnosed with bladder cancer(transitional cell carcinoma) at the age of 3. He had surgery to remove the tumor in his bladder and received cisplatin chemotherapy followed with piroxicam.

Shortly after completion of his chemotherapy, Buddy Love was hit by a car and suffered multiple pelvic fractures and a sciatic nerve injury. He underwent surgery to repair his pelvic fractures. He recovered from his injuries from the hit by car and continued routine follow-up examinations.

During a routine ultrasound examination at the age of 9 years multiple splenic masses were observed as well as a mass in the bladder. He had surgery to remove his spleen and bladder mass. Both the splenic masses and bladder mass were benign. Buddy Love continues to do well and remains cancer free at 12 years of age.



Kona presented at age 2 with multicentric lymphoma. Biopsy of her lymph nodes confirmed a B cell Burkitt-like lymphoma.

She underwent treatment with the 25 week University of Wisconsin-Madison chemotherapy protocol. She achieved remission quickly and completed the 25 week protocol as planned. She had no major side effects of the treatment.

Kona has remained in remission for over 5 years and leads an active, normal life frequently hiking with her owners.



Abby was diagnosed at age 4 with an aggressive mast cell tumor on her left muzzle. She underwent surgery with a lip resection followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  She had complications of fever and infection after one of her doses of chemotherapy from which she recovered.

She completed chemotherapy as planned and has had no recurrence of her mast cell cancer.  Because of the loss of pigmentation and hair secondary to the radiation therapy, she developed a solar induced skin cancer, hemangiosarcoma, at the original mast cell tumor treatment site at age 8. This tumor was removed surgically and has not recurred. Abby has been monitored with chest X-rays and abdominal ultrasounds every 3-6 months and remains cancer free today at age 11.



Sadie was diagnosed with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor in 2003. Several surgeries had been performed to remove the mass, but the mass would ultimately regrow. Her mass reoccurred in August 2005, 18 months after her 3rd surgery.

Her tumor grew extremely fast this time and involved her left thigh and perineum. Additional surgery was not possible and radiation and chemotherapy were unlikely to control the tumor. Sadie was treated with a topical herbal preparation called Black Salve, which contains the herb blood root. This herb effectively kills the tumor, which the body then sloughs.

Sadie's Tumor

Once the tumor has completely sloughed, a wound remains which will gradually heal in on its own. After multiple treatment applications, Sadie’s tumor was completely removed and her tissue healed.

Sadie’s tumor regrew 8 months later. She was treated with Chinese herbals and maintained good quality of life with the tumor for another 9 months.



Jessica was diagnosed with small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma in January of 2001 at age 11 years.

She was treated with oral chemotherapy consisting of prednisone and chlorambucil. Most cats with small cell lymphoma treated with chemotherapy will remain in remission for 18-24 months before the cancer relapses.

Jessica’s cancer remained in remission and she passed away of age related illness at age 19; 8 years after her diagnosis of cancer.



Brinkley was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma of his right shoulder at age 3 years. His cancer was very aggressive and causing considerable pain in his leg. A CT scan was performed to plan surgical removal of his tumor. Because of the size and location of the tumor, Brinkley’s leg was amputated and 2 ribs were removed.

Brinkley recovered well from surgery and was able to run and play and even jump up to give a “hug” with his remaining front leg.   Unfortunately in spite of amputation, Brinkley’s cancer spread to his lungs within 3 months of surgery and he lost his battle with cancer 4 months after diagnosis. The amputation allowed Brinkley to live pain free for 4 months.

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