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Caring for Your Pet with Cancer

Integrative Veterinary Oncology
We understand that visiting an oncologist for the first time can bring out many emotions.
Every effort will be made to make you, your pet and your family as comfortable as possible
and by all means, let us know if we can do anything to make you feel more at ease.

Please arrive at your first appointment at least 15 minutes ahead of time so that you can fill out two forms:
- New Patient Information Form, required for all new patients (also available at this link)
Two options: Fill in form on your computer, print out or send via email to IVO or,
print out form and filled out by hand. Bring with you on your 1st appointment.

- Home Monitoring Sheet (also available at this link)
The form must be printed first and filled out by hand.
The Home Monitoring Sheet will help both you and Dr. Hershey to keep accurate records on your pet's health status.

What to expect
The first appointment begins with us getting more familiar with you and your pet.
Dr. Hershey will review the information provided by your vet and when necessary
get more information from you about your pet.

Dr. Hershey will observe your pet and do a brief physical examination. She will talk to you about your pet's specific cancer, the survival time information related to the cancer, and what treatment options may be available. Once your pet's diagnosis has been completed, we will discuss the costs involved along with payment options. The next step will be based on your goals and decisions.

Integrative Veterinary Oncology

What should I bring?
Treatment plans can be complex, so you may find it helpful to bring another
person with you. We encourage you and your family to ask questions about
any information that is not clear, or that you want to learn more about.

Please bring:
- Copies of your pet’s veterinary records
- Test results
- Actual films or discs of x-rays, radiographs, MRI's, CT Scans and ultrasound images
- Bring a list of any medications that your pet may be taking

Integrative Veterinary Oncology

Integrative Veterinary Oncology
  If your pet was referred to us by your veterinarian:
- Please ask to have your pet's records forwarded to us
- Call or email us to let our office know to expect records on your pet
- Please be sure to have those records forwarded two days before your scheduled appointment.
That will allow us to start a file on your pet and insure that Dr. Hershey can review the records.

And, it is very important to bring your pet so that Dr. Hershey can examine the pet and develop a treatment plan.

Writing down your questions before your appointment will insure that all of your concern and questions have been addressed.

Bring your list of questions and feel free to ask as many as you can think of.

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