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Cold laser is a relatively new technology (30 years) that involves the use of low level light therapy.  The cold laser device produces a beam of light which is applied over an injured area to stimulate healing. When laser light is absorbed by the living tissues, biochemical reactions are triggered within the cells. These reactions result in the production and release of chemical substances that result in reduction of pain and inflammation, enhanced lymphatic drainage, and faster wound healing. Cold lasers are called “cold” because they do not induce any temperature change in the body tissues. It is safe, painless and medication-free with no adverse side effects.

Cold laser may be used to trigger acupuncture points or to cover broad areas of deeper tissue to affect changes in the tissue.  Cold laser therapy may be used for acute or chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, ligament injuries (including cruciate ligament rupture), arthritis, back pain, and neurological conditions. It may also be used to facilitate wound healing from surgery.

At IVO, an Apollo Class IV laser is used. The Apollo Laser System is a powerful cold laser unit. The high laser output shortens the treatment time. Treatment times range from 1-2 minutes. The number of treatments needed can range from 2-20 depending on the nature, severity and chronicity of the condition. Some patients may experience immediate results. Others will need additional treatments before there is a lasting effect. Cold laser treatment is often combined with acupuncture for enhanced results.

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